feldhäuser emmen

Submission Planning | Urban Hybrid Feldhäuser Emmen
May-July 2014

Typology: Housing
Program: Single and multi-family houses
Scale: 9.000 m² | 97 units of 16 types
2.034 m² services and 2.925 m² underground parking
Location: Emmen, Switzerland  
Year: 2013+
Client: Senn BPM AG

Winy Maas | Frans de Witte | Maria Lopez |
Jonathan Schuster | Angelika Hinterbrandner [mvrdv]


The Urban Hybrid | The exterior of the block is a varied urban street front whilst the interior offers the quality of a green and intimate village. The interior of the block is divided into both private and public spaces, with dividing walls used to hang tables or benches and parts of the walls which can be used for table tennis. 

A cohesive landscaping plan foresees a wide variety of fruit trees in the courtyard, in both the private and public areas. The landscaping will attempt to blur the lines between the interior and exterior of the block into a widely applied park-like format. Parking for the block is underground to create a car-free interior, and the roofs of the buildings will be used for additional outdoor space. Each house or apartment will have its own façade colour, emphasising its individual ownership and individual floor plans defined by the residents. 

A D D   O N

The submission planning was fully done in Autodesk Revit as a work shared BIM project. I worked with a strong focus on sections and elevations as well as on the facade section and floor plans.

feldhäuser emmen gr_ahinterbrandner_1170feldhäuser emmen gr_ahinterbrandner_1170
emmen_plan_section elevation 02emmen_plan_section elevation 02
emmen_plan_section elevationemmen_plan_section elevation