k4 | Construction Design Studio 4
Institut for Architecture Technology
 TU Graz 
Summer term 2015

Program: music school with housing unit
Usable Space: 500 m² 
Location: Graz | Austria


The aim of the project was to design a building for a new music school in Graz, which needed to fit into the narrow space between two existing buildings. We decided to develop an ecologically sensitive design based on a wooden structure, without losing sight of our strong requirements for a design that offers remarkable room for the students as well as for the inhabitants of the penthouse. The sculptural stair in the middle provides a remarkable and exciting space  while the rooms inside the building are comfortable and cosy. A large emphasis was also placed on the details we developed. The objective here was to use innovative, yet simple products such as sheep’s wool and clay construction boards, ensuring that it is environmentally friendly as well as providing a nice interior climate.

A D D   O N

The submission planning was fully done in Autodesk Revit as a work shared BIM project. For the final submission, we handed in more than 40 detail drawings longhand with all other required submission plans according to Austrian building law.

in cooperation with Julia Kaltenegger

konstruieren4 ansicht_ahinterbrandner 2560konstruieren4 ansicht_ahinterbrandner 2560
konstruieren4_ahinterbrandner 1170x725-01konstruieren4_ahinterbrandner 1170x725-01
konstruieren4_ahinterbrandner 1170x725-02konstruieren4_ahinterbrandner 1170x725-02
konstruieren4_ahinterbrandner 1170x725-03konstruieren4_ahinterbrandner 1170x725-03
konstruieren4_ahinterbrandner 1170x725-05konstruieren4_ahinterbrandner 1170x725-05
konstruieren4_ahinterbrandner 1170x725-04konstruieren4_ahinterbrandner 1170x725-04
konstruieren4 schnitt_ahinterbrandner 2560konstruieren4 schnitt_ahinterbrandner 2560