Team: Julius Grambow, Angelika Hinterbrandner,
Rebekka Hirschberg, Jonas Illigman,
Martin Röck, Jomo Ruderer

Role: initiator, collaborator
Place: All over Europe
Year: 2022– is researching, communicating, and connecting people on topics considering the built environment and spatial policy. The project is rooted in the housing debate and stands for more affordable, sustainable and just access to space for the 99%. Civil society as well as policy-makers lack detail and substance on policy considerations in the field of housing – specialises in communicating the nuances. is a framework for exchanging knowledge and negotiating the spatial discourse all over Europe and beyond. What is your context? House’ it going for you?

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We are spaceforfuture, these are our topics. House' it going for you? ©


The complexity of polycrisis. Extended illustration based on the thinking of Adam Tooze; Illustration ©


Homeownership rate (black) paired with overburdening of the population by housing costs (green) in selected European countries in 2020. Data: Statista Research Department, 09.09.2022; Illustration ©


How is the building industry related to the climate crisis? Data: Global Status Report for Buildings and Construction 2021 & DENA Gebäudereport 2021 ©

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