performative & participatory

m1 | Digital Design Studio
The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Summer term 2016 

Typology: Theater 
Program: Dance, performance & art facilities
Shared public ground floor for communal use
Scale: 8.000 m² 
Location: Tsi Ni Tang, Guangzhou, PRC

The project was based on a combination of digital and analogue workflows. Including robotics, Autodesk Revit, Rhino, 3ds Max, grasshopper & various ways of analogue model building 


When working with an existing building, the first thing I usually do is trying to perceive as much as possible. It takes some time to get a first impression of the mood, vibe, and story of a place. Especially, if it is such a special one as the empty factory at Tsi Ni Tang, we were able to work on within this project.

The studio was set up in three different phases. In the first phase, we explored different ways of model making on a topic we had to pick according to our personal interests. During the second phase, we focused on the urban context of the soon to be Tsi Ni Tang Art Village. We did a comparative research on art villages in the Asian context and developed an urban strategy for the site. After a one-week robotics workshop where we had the chance to explore the possibilities of digital fabrication, we started the third phase: The design process, combining all learnings from the previous phases.

The design itself is focusing on the exploration of the combination, integration and new interpretation of old and new. The strong implemented free form stands as a juxtaposition positioned in the building. It attracts with tempting but invisible qualities from the outside, next to the bare old concrete ruin that is stripped down to few left horizontal and vertical elements that have its very own magic.

A D D   O N

The project has been selected for honours review of the four best projects of the term at the Faculty of Architecture at the Chinese University of Hong Kong and further for the studio exhibition showing the best projects of the term.

performative-and-participatory_ahinterbrandner 06_NEW 1170x1170performative-and-participatory_ahinterbrandner 06_NEW 1170x1170
performative-and-participatory_ahinterbrandner 19 1170x725_miniperformative-and-participatory_ahinterbrandner 19 1170x725_mini

an empty cement plant at Tsi Ni Tang village — the location

performative-and-participatory_ahinterbrandner 15 1170x725_miniperformative-and-participatory_ahinterbrandner 15 1170x725_mini
performative-and-participatory_ahinterbrandner 08 1170x1170_miniperformative-and-participatory_ahinterbrandner 08 1170x1170_mini

phase o1 | the exploration

phase o2 | the concept

phase o3 | the design

performative-and-participatory_ahinterbrandner 05 1170x725_miniperformative-and-participatory_ahinterbrandner 05 1170x725_mini
performative-and-participatory_ahinterbrandner 01 1170x725_miniperformative-and-participatory_ahinterbrandner 01 1170x725_mini
performative-and-participatory_ahinterbrandner 07 1170x_miniperformative-and-participatory_ahinterbrandner 07 1170x_mini