Why Have There Been No Great Women Architects?


Role: guest lecturer
Institution: IZK Institute for Contemporary Art,
Graz University of Technology

Place: Graz
Year: 2021

With the semester topic "Why have there been no great women architects?" the IZK set out to explore the historical, structurally institutionalised sexism within the history of art (and architecture). 

am I actually an architect? 

The lecture and workshop under the title "am I actually an architect? new models of architecture practice" focused on alternative practices in the field of architecture—told through my own story—combined with aspects of feminist self-narration.  How do we narrate yourselves? Can we foster new futures through a change in self-narration?  Which systemic conditions lie beneath these narratives that influence our everyday working environment? 

Through reflecting on the processes of how I tell my very own story from an intersectional feminist perspective, we collectively discovered the layers that are shaping possibilities and chances: collective ideas of race, ethnicity, age, class, national origin, and cultural identity. Additionally, new forms of media, as well as access and control over whose stories are told were part of the lecture as well as the workshop. 

teaching experience ↓

2021–today Research and Teaching associate, IEA DARCH ETH Zurich station+/Studio Arno Brandlhuber

2022 Guest critic at Royal College of Art London, ADS7: Out of Thin Air – Politics of the Atmosphere
Guest lecturer at the Institute for Contemporary Art TU Graz
2021 Guest critic at IGmA Universität Stuttgart
2017 Workshoptutor #makeyourselfa(t)home at EASA Denmark
2013–2017 Teaching Assistant at the Institute for Design & Architectural Typologies TU Graz
2012–2015 Team lead and tutor of the Student Trainer Project TU Graz 

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