Team: Katharina Benjamin,
Angelika Hinterbrandner,
Patrick Martin 

Role: strategy and business development
Place: Leipzig/Berlin
Year: 2018–

kntxtr is a digital magazine spinning around architecture. Since 2017 when the project started as a sole Instagram account the profile turned into a global platform for architects and anyone interested in topics touching the field. kntxtr enables its community to pose questions to peers in a safe and as threshold-free as possible space concerning matters ranging from working conditions and pay, over gender equality to the meaning and definition of the profession.

In what sort of crisis is architecture?
Can architects help to change the system of endless growth?
Who cares about architecture?
And who cares about and for architects?
Or do we have to wait until architecture fails?

We do not only care about the built environment. We care about the people working in this field and their concerns. kntxr enables architects to re-define their self-understanding through new forms of connectedness and exchange in the digital sphere.

kntxtr was founded in 2017 by Katharina Benjamin and Alen Linnemann (2017–2019). The team is currently based in Leipzig and Berlin.



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