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hi, I am angelika. architect to be, exploring the world. this is my place for architecture & more. soon you'll find more written input here → stay tuned.


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angelika hinterbrandner | is a Master Degree student at Graz University of Technology. Besides writing her thesis focusing on urban living structures in the backdrop of today's complex intertwining political and economic world she is currently working as Teaching Assistant at the Institute for Design & Architectural Typologies and as a Project Assistant at the Sustainability Assessment at the Institute of Technology and Testing of Construction Materials of TU Graz.

During her studies, she worked and lived in Berlin, Rotterdam and Hong Kong where she used to work inter alia at MVRDV. Besides spatial qualities and social as well as political issues of architecture, she is highly interested in future technologies and trends of computing & media in architecture. Currently, she is holding one out of four DETAIL scholarships. 

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