is more than the built space surrounding us.

Am I actually an architect?

My name is angelika hinterbrandner and I was trained as an architect but I hesitate whenever I have to answer this question. This is also due to the fact that the job description and self-understanding of an architect is still based on an object-bound nature. I can't—and most probably will never—live up to this claim. You won't find anything built here.

However, I am working in the field of architecture for 5+ years. Through pushing the topics I am interested in, I design my own job description. I think, talk and write about:

+ The influence of the climate crisis, economy, digitalization and politics on space.
+ Housing as a political practice. 
+ Labor conditions, remuneration and legal frameworks of architectural production. 
+What it means to be a woman in architecture and how to foster diversity in the field.

It is time to question seemingly "non-negotiable truths" in architecture and to fundamentally rethink the practice.  Enjoy scrolling through the fragments and contexts of my work, which result in a collage of topics that drive me.

Send me an email, if you have a collaboration or project in mind that you would like to discuss with me. 

I am not taking on new large-scale projects until 03/2023, but am open to writing, speaking, moderation and workshop requests.

Latest home page update: 18/09/2022

working means:
reading, thinking, discussing, organizing, emailing, writing, learning, talking, publishing, structuring, initiating, connecting, deleting, listening, sharing, re-thinking, re-writing, reflecting, researching, changing perspectives
—in no particular order.

What’s behind the topics I am working on ↓

Wanna see what I do?
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15.10.2022 Panel AJA TUM@aja_tum +++ 07.10.2022 Input BDA BaWü Arbeitsbedingungen und Freiberuflichkeit @bdabawue +++ 01.10.2022 Politics of Space Workshop on Housing in Lithuania ↳ +++ 26.09.2022 Panel zur Bauwende auf der 21. Jahreskonferenz des RNENachhaltigkeitsrat @RNE_DE +++ 08.09.2022 Lecture at Aarhus Open Architecture ↳ @archdk +++ 13.07.2022 Jury DGNB Nachhaltigkeitspreis ↳ website +++ 14–23.06.2022 Club Hybrid Research ResidencyClub Hybrid via archithese ↳ @clubhybrid +++ 27.05.2022 Panel Talk at Bauwende–Festival organized Architects4Future@architects4future +++ 12.05.2022 Architektur Woche Basel@architekturwochebasel +++ 19.04.2022 Lecture VIPER Gallery Prague@vipergallery +++ 15–17.04.2022 YEAH! Young European Architecture Happening ↳ +++ 15.03.2022 Podcast Radio Utopistan: Concrete ↳ Listen to the epidose on Spotify +++ 08.03.2022 radioeins  ↳ 10 Frauen, 10 Stunden on radioeins 95.8—listen to the recording here +++ 07–08.03.2022 Parity Talks VII: Upkeep  ↳ Workshop: Mapping / Power /Network at the ETH Zurich ↳ @paritygroup+++  01.03.2022 BAK Podcast "Architektur Stadt Planung" Interview with Kerstin KuhnekathListen to the epidose on Spotify +++