Am I actually an architect?

My name is angelika hinterbrandner and I was trained as an architect but I usually hesitate when I have to answer this question. This is also due to the fact that the job description and self-understanding of an architect is based on an object-bound nature. I can't—and most probably will never—live up to this claim. You won't find anything built here.

However, I think, talk and write about...
+ The influence of the economy, digitalization and politics on space.
+ How my generation can foster systemic transformation in space making and beyond.  
+ What it means to be a woman in architecture today
It is time to question "non-negotiable truths" in architecture and to fundamentally rethink the practice.

The selected projects you (will) find on this page (soon) are at the same time fragments and larger contexts which I am or was working on. Together they result in a collage of the topics that drive me.


Currently, I am working on several projects at the same time, and this website is not the priority.
Nevertheless, I decided to publish it as a work-in-progress project (last edited 05/02/2021).
I am planning to add projects obviously as well as some texts I wrote and other ressources.

Wish me luck or send me a project request in case you want to foster some more procrastination.    


say hello, 
send me a message.

© angelika hinterbrandner 2021

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