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Hi, my name is angelika hinterbrandner. 
I am a trained architect, working in a variety of roles, formats, and collaborations within and beyond the field of architecture. I deeply care about architecture and the built environment. Nevertheless, you won't find anything built here. 

In my research, I am currently focusing on the intersection of the political economy of housing and spatial qualities of space. Furthermore, I am investigating new professional realities and building processes of architects responding to the climate crisis.

Since 2019, I've been part of @kntxtr. As of 2021, I'm researching and teaching at ETH Zurich. Currently at the Chair for Architecture Heritage & Sustainability Prof. Mariam Issoufou. In 2022, I co-initiated with five other individuals from the fields of architecture, urbanism, research, and communication. The initiative advocates for affordable, sustainable, and equitable access to housing for the 99%.

In my work, I strive to create content that is accessible and engaging, and that can inspire and inform individuals and organizations alike. I'm passionate about learning and knowledge-sharing, whether through workshops, presentations, or other interactive formats.

I see myself as a mediator, working to bridge gaps between different groups and communities. I believe that bringing people together to share ideas and collaborate on projects is crucial to fostering positive change. Ultimately, my goal is to create spaces and structures that enable people to learn, connect, and work together toward a better future for everyone. 

Selected Projects

Workshop: Common Discourse


Common Discourse: Laboratory for Spatial Transformation is a workshop format taking place on 01–03 September 2023 at Floating University & Haus der Statistik.
More info and pre-registration here

Teaching: A Spatial Approach to the Polycrisis


Have a look at the outline of the seminar I am currently teaching at TU Munich. The collective reading list and additional material will be published in 2024.

Research: Alexander Klein


Have a look at my ongoing research project on Alexander Klein. More articles on his work will be published soon.

Publishing: kntxtr podcast


Listen to the latest episode of kntxtr podcast. kntxtr Podcast is a kntxtr production. Concept and idea: Katharina Benjamin, Angelika Hinterbrandner
Editing: Rosa Thoneick Design: Patrick Martin

Let's work together.


I initiate and consult on knowledge transfer in the field of the built environment. The development of accessible and engaging content and formats as well as project management and facilitation are core parts of my daily work. Just like podcastingpublishingspeaking & moderating, developing workshops & other teaching formats. Topic-wise, I am focussing on the political economy of housing and spatial practitioners' responses to the climate crisis.

Send an email to, if you have a collaboration or project in mind that you would like to discuss with me. 

Latest update: 24/06/2023

Team & Collaborations


Laura Margarete Bertelt 
Project management and coordination
for @ahinterbrandner


Kontextur is a digital magazine spinning around architecture. Run by Katharina Benjamin and Angelika Hinterbrandner, designed by Patrick Martin and supported by Rosa Thoneick.

If you have a request considering my work at @kntxtr please reach out via


The team currently consists of 6 architects, urbanists, researchers and communicators: Julius Grambow, Angelika Hinterbrandner, Rebekka Hirschberg, Jonas Illigmann, Martin Röck, Jomo Ruderer.

If you have a request considering my work at @spaceforfuture_org please reach out via

Wanna see what I do?
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+++ WS2023/2024: A Spatial Approach to the Polycrisis: Applying an Intersectional Theory of Change, Seminar TU München Fakultät für Architektur ↳ Find more info here +++ 12/10/2023 Future Cities – A Transatlantic Townhall, Panel Moderation für das Aspen Institute Germany  ↳ Find more info here +++ 05/10/2023 UMBRÜCHE + ANFÄNGE Zwei Generationen, vier Startpunkte und die gemeinsame Zukunft, Moderation for BSA Zürich Aargau Glarus Graubünden ↳ Find more info here +++

+++ 01–03/09/2023 Common Discourse: A Laboratory for Spatial Transformation in the framework of the series LearnScapes Find more info here ↳ @floatinguniversity +++ 28/08–10/09/2023 Common Discourse II: Land, Raum, Transformation audio-production in the framework of Radio Industry ↳ more on the website of radio industry ↳ @radio.industry +++ 21/06/2023 Vortrag im Rahmen der Konferenz IM NOTSTAND 9. Forum Architekturwissenschaft ↳ @naw_ev +++ 22/04/2023 Workshop im Rahmen des "ANDERS ARBEITEN" STRATEGIETAG NEWCOMER 2023 der Architektenkammer Berlin ↳ @architektenkammer_berlin +++ 16/02/2023 ETHZ D-ARCH HOW WE TEACH 2nd Mittelbau Jour Fixmore via instagram +++ 
21.01.2023 Lecture Galerie Architektury Brno: Working Conditions in Architecture ↳ DRAZÍ ARCHITEKTI…—ARCHITEKTURA JAKO PRÁCE +++ 16.01.2023 Lecture GTAS TU Braunschweig: Space for the 99% – Space for Future ↳ @gtas_tubs +++ 

22.11.2022 Studio Lecture GSAPP +++ 15.10.2022 Panel AJA TUM@aja_tum +++ 07.10.2022 Input BDA BaWü Arbeitsbedingungen und Freiberuflichkeit @bdabawue +++ 01.10.2022 Politics of Space Workshop on Housing in Lithuania ↳ +++ 26.09.2022 Panel zur Bauwende auf der 21. Jahreskonferenz des RNENachhaltigkeitsrat @RNE_DE +++ 08.09.2022 Lecture at Aarhus Open Architecture ↳ @archdk +++ 13.07.2022 Jury DGNB Nachhaltigkeitspreis ↳ website +++ 14–23.06.2022 Club Hybrid Research ResidencyClub Hybrid via archithese ↳ @clubhybrid +++ 27.05.2022 Panel Talk at Bauwende–Festival organized Architects4Future@architects4future +++ 12.05.2022 Architektur Woche Basel@architekturwochebasel +++ 19.04.2022 Lecture VIPER Gallery Prague@vipergallery +++ 15–17.04.2022 YEAH! Young European Architecture Happening ↳ +++ 15.03.2022 Podcast Radio Utopistan: Concrete ↳ Listen to the epidose on Spotify +++ 08.03.2022 radioeins  ↳ 10 Frauen, 10 Stunden on radioeins 95.8—listen to the recording here +++ 07–08.03.2022 Parity Talks VII: Upkeep  ↳ Workshop: Mapping / Power /Network at the ETH Zurich ↳ @paritygroup+++  01.03.2022 BAK Podcast "Architektur Stadt Planung" Interview with Kerstin KuhnekathListen to the epidose on Spotify +++