hi, I am angelika.
I work in the field of architecture and beyond. Commuting between Berlin and Zurich I am part of kntxtr and spaceforfuture.orgwhile also working on projects under my own name @ahinterbrandner. When I am in Berlin, you can find me on a bike @ride.berlin, when in Zurich I am teaching @spark_zurich. 

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In 2023 I am looking for projects and opportunities that make a difference, have an (even greater) impact, and influence how we live together as a society. I want to be an active part of developing solutions. If the right opportunity arises, I would like to get more actively involved in politics. 

My main interest at the moment lies in understanding problems such as the global housing crisis on a large scale level. What role do the economic and legal frameworks we are acting within have on the creation of space? How can we implement solutions that are more complex than the binary "expropriation vs. build more"?

In the rapidly changing reality of the 21st century, architects urgently need to adapt to a whole new set of demands and therewith redefine their job descriptions. In the face of the climate crisis and socio-political and economic shifts, architects must not only adapt how they design but also reflect on their position within a complex network of interests and stakeholders.

Through sharing knowledge and connecting (with) like-minded people I try to foster synergies for transformation. This is how I currently deal with the above-mentioned challenges.

I work independently as well as in larger frameworks of collaborations such as kntxtr and spaceforfuture.org. For realising projects of a larger scale I rely on a growing international network of creative minds. I enjoy working with many of them on a regular basis. Collaboration over competition, always.
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Latest update: 24/06/2023

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angelika hinterbrandner
is working in a variety of formats and collaborations within and beyond the field of architecture. Her current research focuses on the political and legislative framework of the financialization of housing and the implications of the climate crisis on the built environment. She worked with ARCH+ and Brandlhuber+/bplus.xyz, among others, on the topics of land politics, smart city and neoliberal planning policies. Since 2019 she is part of Kontextur @kntxtr. Since 2021 she is researching and teaching at the ETH Zurich, currently at the Chair of Architecture Heritage and Sustainability Prof. Mariam Issoufou. Since 2023 she is also part of the Educational Development core group facilitating the Department-wide process of the Curriculum Revision of the Bachelor in Architecture Program at D-ARCH ETH Zurich. Together with five other actors from the fields of architecture, urbanism, research and communication, she initiated spaceforfuture.org in 2022. The initiative is rooted in the housing debate and stands for more affordable, sustainable and equitable access to housing for the 99%.

currently ↓

2023 Lecturer at TU Munich
2023–today Project management and facilitation Curriculum Revision Bachelor Program in Architecture D-ARCH, ETH Zürich 
2023–today Scientific Assistant Research & Teaching at ETH Zürich Chair Mariam Issoufou
2022–today spaceforfuture.org

2019–today Master of Arts Leadership in Digital Innovation UdK Berlin, Postgraduate Program
2018–today kntxtr, a digital platform spinning around architecture

previous experience ↓

2019–2022 Brandlhuber+ Team/bplus.xyz
2020–2021 Content management and development of digital formats as part of team 2038/German Pavilion at the 17th International Architecture Exhibition La Biennale di Venezia
2019 Project management for project bauhaus
2019 Member of the editorial board at CARTHA Magazine
2018–2019 Editor/Editorial manager ARCH+ 
2017–2018 Intern at Buchner Bründler Architekten Basel  
2015–2023 MSc in Architecture TU Graz
2016–2017 Research Assistant at the Working Group Sustainable Construction TU Graz
2015 Intern at MVRDV Rotterdam
2011–2015 BSc in Architecture TU Graz

teaching & guest crits ↓

2023 Lecturer at TU Munich of the seminar A Spatial Approach to the Polycrisis: Applying an Intersectional Theory of Change in the framework of Gender Studies in Architecture 
2023 Guest critic at ETH Zurich Studio An Fonteyne
2023 Guest critic at ETH Zurich Studio Jan de Vylder
2023 Guest critic at ETH Zurich Studio Adam Caruso
2023 Guest critic at HS Luzern Studio Balissat Kaçani, MSc Studio Spaces of Labour
2023 Guest critic at ArchMa UniLu University of Luxembourg Faculty of Humanities, Education and Social Sciences Master in Architecture, MSc Thesis Final Crits
2023 Guest critic at ETH Zurich Studio Adam Caruso
2022 Guest critic at ETH Zurich Studio Meteora Ludger Hovestadt
2021–2022 Scientific Assistant Research & Teaching at ETH Zürich station+ Chair Arno Brandlhuber
2022 Guest critic at Royal College of Art London, ADS7: Out of Thin Air – Politics of the Atmosphere
2021 Guest lecturer and workshop at the Institute for Contemporary Art TU Graz
2021 Guest critic at IGmA Universität Stuttgart
2017 Tutor #makeyourselfa(t)home at EASA Denmark
2013–2017 Teaching Assistant at the Institute for Design & Architectural TypologieS TU Graz
2012–2015 Team lead and tutor at Student Trainer Project TU Graz  

juries & committees ↓

scholarships ↓

2018 Scholarship of the ARCH+ Förderverein promoting discourse in architecture and urbanism granted by Sto-Stiftung  
2018 Erasmus+ Scholarship TU Graz
2017 Scholarship of the European Forum Alpbach 
2016–2017 DETAIL scholarship
2015 Joint Study Scholarship TU Graz/CU Hong Kong
2014 Baumeister Academy scholarship