angelika hinterbrandner

(* 1992) is currently working as a freelance editor based in Berlin. Previously, she has worked in Rotterdam, Hong Kong, Basel and Graz inter alia at Buchner Bründler Architekten, MVRVD, and at the Institute for Design & Architectural Typologies at Graz University of Technology. Besides social and political implications of space, she is strongly interested in technology, digitalization and current developments in Big Data and AI. Her work oscillates—as much as her wide range of interests—between design, communication and analytical reflection. 

past, present, future

brandlhuber+ Team [2019—]
Berlin University of the Arts
[MA Leadership in digital Innovation 2019— ]
ARCH+ [2018—2019]
× Scholarship of the ARCH+ Förderverein
promoting discourse in architecture and urbanism
granted by Sto-Stiftung [2018]

kntxtr [2018— ]
CARTHA magazine [2019]
projekt bauhaus [2019]
→ Buchner Bründler Architects Basel [2017—2018]
→ Freelance work [2016—2017]

oscillating between design, content creation and publishing
● Tutor #makeyourselfa(t)home
at EASA Denmark [2017] 

× Scholarship of the European Forum Alpbach [2017]
× DETAIL scholarship [2016—2017]

→ Research Assistant at the Working Group Sustainable Construction [2016—2017]
→ Graz University of Technology
[MSc in Architecture 2015— ]

× Joint Study Scholarship
at TU Graz and CU Hong Kong 
[MSc in Architecture & Urbanism 2015]
× BAUMEISTER scholarship

at MVRDV Rotterdam [2014]
● Teaching Assistant at the Institute for Design & Architectural Typologies [2013—2017]
● Tutor and Team leader of the Student Trainer Project TU Graz [2012—2015]
→ Graz University of Technology
[BSc in Architecture 2011—2015]

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